About Us

Founded by Milwaukee Bucks NBA Champion Pat Connaughton, and Catalyst Construction CEO Matt Burow, our projects and network span the Midwest and beyond. We work with our partners to make sure that their mission and vision are reflected in each project – by matching it with our team’s passion, entrepreneurial spirit, and determination.

We have taken on projects that help our clients grow beyond their expectations, and are humbled by their outcomes. Our team is made up of seasoned experts in real estate and finance, so each client knows their needs are heard and no detail is left unturned.



We create vibrant communities. This is done by engaging and connecting professional athletes, business executives and community leaders who desire building forward thinking, sustainable structures which create positive community impact, generational wealth, and amazing outcomes for all involved. 

We believe achieving this mission requires that the space you create must reflect your mission, purpose, and passion. Three Leaf Partners is uniquely built to help you achieve this outcome.



We create enduring positive generational change in the communities we serve. We are reimagining the creation of sustained real estate.


Our team thinks like partners and takes personal ownership for executing our projects. We astutely manage risks and practice continuous learning.


We have a keen imagination, guided by the common goal of achieving for our partners, investors, and employees. In our core we know what’s right and wrong—and we’re uncompromising in our values.


We have a humble confidence, it’s visible across our organization. We strive to always be transparent and act with integrity.


We are determined to meet our clients’ needs and to deliver outcomes for them on time and that fits their budget. We are self-starters who take pride in the work we do.


We understand our clients’ missions and deliver solutions that reflect their purpose and passion. Our team is consistently focused on impacting the communities we and our clients serve.

What we promise our investors is simple: business professionals get the opportunity to invest alongside professional athletes, and professional athletes learn how to create generational wealth that endures beyond their playing careers. Together, we fund and facilitate projects that are sustainable, multifaceted, and make a lasting impact on the community.